Smart lighting control system for offices and commercial buildings

Cost reduction
lighting up to 60 %

POSEIDON® brings savings, increased comfort for users and administrators of buildings.  Our system also offers the opportunity to choose the level of lighting control that best suits the requirements of running any type of office plan, such as, Individual spaces, open-plan offices, or entire floors of an office building.

Low investment and operating costs

  • Up to 60 % savings in lighting costs
  • Return on investment within 3 years

Building Automation

  • Ethernet TCP / IP interface
  • Wireless transmission of informatuion such as temperature, humidity, light intensity and the status of the contact.

Comfort, safety and flexibility

  • Easy to install drivers and change their location
  • Easy to change the logic of lighting control via PC

Contribution to LEED and BREEAM certification

  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions
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About system

Proper functioning of the controlled lighting and providing maximum savings using wireless sensors, receivers and transmitters. POSEIDON® controlled lighting provides maximum comfort and flexibility for the user to control the level of individual rooms and working areas, and can be controlled via the building automation system.

  • Transmitters allows the user to control electronic systems. Pressing the button generates a command that is sent to the connected receiver that performs the desired action - eg. Lamp lights in the office, or controling the blinds and jalousies.
  • The receivers are connected to the power circuit and electronic systems used for the direct switching, switching, dimming or regulation.
  • SENSORS using wireless, proprietary protocol POSEIDON® sends updates on temperature, humidity, lighting and occupancy receivers or is sent to a superior system for further processing.
  • The Ethernet interface is a tool for integration and communication between components POSEIDON® and a superior building automation system (BMS).
  • Communication between the components occurs using a wireless protocol POSEIDON® to 868 MHz.

Lighting control office buildings

POSEIDON® Office – savings, investments, return
Total investment costs 5270 €
return 2.9 years
The annual energy cost savings 63.7 %
LED osvětlení vs. zářivky

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Selected references

Generali Building, France

Generali Building, France

Lighting control of office building based on presence detection and daylight dimming. Technology: Wireless control system BOSys - movement and illumination sensors and wall mounted transmitters.

AXA Building, France

AXA Building, France

Lighting control of office building based on the presence detection. Technology: Wireless control system BOSys - movement sensors, receivers for ligthing and wall mounted transmitters.

Sky Building, Italy

Sky Building, Italy

Lighting control of office building based on the presence detection. Technology: Wireless control system BOSys - movement sensors, receivers, wall mounting transmitters.

Our customers from across Europe

Lighting control systems have been successfully installed in many office, commercial, cultural and educational facilities in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, France, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Finland. Satisfied users of the POSEIDON® lighting control system over the past two years include Omlux, JUTA, ABB Trutnov, Karimpol, Unis, Ronal, PC Help, the New Theater in Plzeň and many other customers in European countries.