City Hall Prague 12 – Prague

  • Year of implementation: 2021
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Place of Implemetation: Prague
  • Segment: Offices

Description of solution

System Poseidon in cooperation with the parent MAR system monitors and controls the status of shading and lighting in common areas and offices.


Elements used in the Poseidon system:

Receiver Dali (P8 R Dali N)

Transmitters in ABB design (P8 T2 Levit, P8 T4 Levit)

Receivers for window blinds (P8 R 4R S, P8 R R I)

Ethernet system interface (P8 TR IP)

Occupancy and light regulator (P8 LR C)

Switching receivers (P8 R 2 N, P8 R 2 DIN, P8 R 8 DIN)


Photo: LOXIA


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