Garland – Jicin

  • Year of Implementation: 2022
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Place of Implementation: Jičín
  • Segment: Industry

Garland is one of the largest distributors of gardening equipment, power tools and other home and garden supplies. This purely Czech company, which has been in business since 1993, has decided to build a new modern centre that will enable it to provide superior service to its customers for years to come.

The lighting for these premises was completely provided by ENIKA.CZ – from the selection of suitable elements, to the lighting calculation, the design of the control system and the supervision of the correct installation.

Description of the Solution

LED technology: long lifetime with significant energy savings

In the first phase, the lighting of the premises was solved, combining 3 floors of low warehouses with shelving and pallet spaces with the main high-rise warehouse. From the main warehouse there is access to the individual floors, creating the impression of a mezzanine. The aim was to find universal luminaires for these spaces and combine as few types as possible to ensure ease of maintenance for future operations. Lights from the German company Regiolux were chosen – the SDT strip system and PIROLA dustproof luminaires.

Integrated lighting control as a further step towards cost optimisation

The use of modern LED technology provides an economical solution compared to other light sources. However, GARLAND’s wish was to further optimise the lighting and thus achieve maximum energy savings. This is because for this supplier of hobby and professional tools, being environmentally friendly is a priority. The LED luminaires have therefore been supplemented with the intelligent POSEIDON® lighting control system. This allows artificial lighting to be controlled depending on the presence of people and the proportion of daylight. At the same time, it is possible to clearly define normative lighting requirements for certain sections, which are then automatically monitored by the system. This ensures safety for all employees.

No unnecessary lighting

The most significant savings come from controlling the lighting of high-bay warehouses in the aisles between the racks. Here, the system automatically provides sufficient light only when there is noticeable movement of people or loading equipment. If no movement is detected in this area for a certain period of time, the system dims the lighting to the minimum value. In order not to create too great a transition between light and darkness, the light is dimmed in two steps, thus ensuring greater safety and comfort for the staff. In the same way, energy wastage is avoided when lights in duplex warehouses are left off. The obligation to “switch off in succession” is therefore eliminated.

Clear visualisation and control from one place

All information about the status of the luminaires is transmitted to the MaR (measurement and control) system, where it is visualised and can be controlled centrally from one place. The entire warehouse is set to automatic mode in GARLAND, without the need for intervention in individual parts. At the same time there is a link to the building security system, where all lighting is switched off when the building is encrypted.

By using an intelligent lighting control system, GARLAND has reduced unnecessary lighting time to a minimum, ensuring maximum reduction in electricity consumption. However, this is not the only advantage that smart control presents. POSEIDON® ensures safe lighting according to prescribed hygiene standards and improves comfort for employees thanks to automatic control. Last but not least, it contributes to a longer lifetime for LED luminaires, as they are only lit when necessary and not always at maximum output.


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